linoit.com is a virtual pin-board that can be used in a huge number of ways.

It is free to register and very simple to use.

How can you use it?

1. Pin up all of the resources you want students to have access to during your lesson (instructions, word documents, images, video clips) – huge benefits for independent learning activities here.

2. Use as a homework – every student has to contribute something to the pin-board (this can obviously be done as a lesson activity too).

3. Divide the class into groups each with their own pin-board for collaborative project work.

4. Use as a department/class noticeboard – Clevedon school (Jim Smith’s school) use it for a whole-school noticeboard – see it here.


6 thoughts on “Virtual pinboard

  1. I have already tried this as an an ongoing plenary and extended homework task with 10n1 and also used it in lesson with 11y1 – went down well with both and is starting to be used independently by year 10 to stretch their knowledge and understanding of Hamlet!


    The year 10 one is private or the students (only they can access it as they have used images) so won’t post on here – if anybody wants to see it I will send you a link privately.


  2. Having seen Mrs Green using this with her Year 8 group today, I have been inspired to have a go with my Year 12’s. Will let you know how it goes.


  3. I’m glad I inspired you Cate! I got my inspiration from Gavin and did a similar lesson to the one he set up. Students were more focused in their research than they are normally.
    I still need to amend how I set the task up though.

  4. I have been using this with my Yr13’s – it is an excellent place for them to collect together a range of different media as they can upload youtube clips, web addresses and pdf files all in the same place. I am also hoping it will make their bibliographies more effective as they will have a permanent record of the resources they have used and we can get rid of the dreaded references “www.wikipedia.com” and “www.google.com”

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