I know that a few of you have been using linoit.com and have shared how you have used it here. I’ve found a similar web-based application which is perhaps even better. It is called wallwisher.com – you can just drag images or even documents on to the wall as well as adding text or links. Again, just share the web-address with students and they can add to or respond to information on the wall. As with linoit, you can alter who can access and add to the wall. Only the creator of the wall can move everything that is put on there. It is free to register and it would be great to again, share your thoughts below as comments – is it better than linoit? Which one do the students prefer?

Of course, if you don’t have computer access you can always do it the old-fashioned way:


I created this on Friday with my Year 10 group – I gave them an investigation to consider how successful the Nazis’ economic policy was. I used the tiles to draw some headings (Nicola discovered in L5 that you can use the tiles in Linnell to draw on with board markers – brilliant!) and the students had to put their arguments onto post-it notes (different colours for each group of students) then decide where on the spectrum of success/failure the post-it note should go. After this, they were given an exam question (8 mark mini essay). They have been struggling to write a balanced answer, so I allowed them to go up and look at the wall while they were writing their answers. All but two students felt afterwards that this helped them write a balanced answer because they could visualise more easily what it might look like.


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