Skitch is a very simple app to use and allows you or the students to annotate a piece of work or an image directly on the iPad. If you are using an Apple TV box, it can then be projected directly on to the board for the rest of the class to see.

Students can be set tasks to annotate images or documents but the most useful function for me has been the ability to use my iPad as a portable visualiser – take a photograph of a student’s piece of work, display on the board, then annotate the work giving instant feedback to the student while sharing with the rest of the class. Even better than that – get the student to annotate their own work or that of a partner ‘live’ on the board. Will they be so careless with spelling if the whole class are going to see their work?

Skitch has already been installed on the school iPads.

This video gives an introduction to how the app might be used but isn’t focussed on education (the app wasn’t designed as an education app).

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