Socrative is an app that allows you to create assessments for your students to get instant feedback during the lesson. First you will need to register for a teacher account (it is free). There are three main functions you can use – the quiz, exit ticket and space race.

Quiz – you can pre-prepare the questions (essential if you want to set more than one question) or spontaneously create one to check understanding of a key point. You can create multiple choice, true/false or open ended short answer questions. You can run the quiz at your pace or the students’ pace. Quizzes can be created on a normal computer which is probably best unless you are quicker at typing on an iPad.

Exit ticket – this is a standard set of questions that gives you a poll of understanding in response to the day’s lesson along with a couple of more open questions – the best way to inform your planning for the next lesson.

Space race – this transfers the quiz into a visual race (you will need the whiteboard and projector for this) – and really increases the competitive nature of the quiz – groups have to compete to get their spaceship to the end of the race first by answering questions correctly and quickly.

The beauty of this is that students do not need accounts registered (which eliminates the messy issue of forgotten passwords). You simply give them your virtual room number, they open the student app on the iPad, enter the room number and you begin.


Above is the teacher interface (make sure you run the teacher app from the iPad – not the student version).

This makes feedback instant – therefore you can adapt the course of your lesson in response. Traditionally, you would have to take the assessments home to mark – it might then be too late to clear up a misunderstanding.  You can also display the feedback reports on the board and discuss with the class why so many struggled with a particular question for example. You can create quizzes and share them with your department to use too.

You could even use Socrative for gathering student voice across the department with a standard set of questions – you would not have to collate the answers as Socrative does it for you and exports to excel too.

Please post below your thoughts below if you have tried this app with any of your classes.


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