Thank you for your responses in the staff briefing. Having compiled them all into a list it was good to see some common themes but also some new ideas and it confirmed for me the value in sharing ideas as a staff body.

post it display


Once I had filtered out a couple of ‘humorous’ suggestions, I put the list into Tagxedo and produced the following cloud:

post it tagxedo


The bigger the word, the higher the frequency within your ideas. It is nice to see ‘student’ featuring so¬†prominently (no sign of pupils anywhere!)

There was a heavy emphasis on using EBIs which fits well with our push on take-up time. Ideas for assessment and using targets featured heavily too. There were also a range of uses I hadn’t considered before.

The full list:

The list can also be downloaded here:


The three examples I gave at the start of the briefing are here: (which makes 96 in total!)



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