If you are looking for new ways for students to present their work on the iPads then take a look at Haiku Deck. This app allows students to create simple presentations that are visually stunning. Whereas other forms of presentation apps on the iPads (Keynote, Prezi, Animoto) were all originally designed for a standard computer, Haiku Deck was designed specifically for the iPad therefore has a very simple and intuitive interface.

Students can sign up for an account although this is not necessary. But if they do, then ask them to create a fresh account not linked with their Twitter or Facebook. They can then save their work in their own account. Just remember to get the students to sign out of their accounts if they are logged in during the lesson (as with anything they are signed into.)

Images can be found easily within the app or uploaded from the iPad’s camera roll.

You can read more about it here.

2 thoughts on “Haiku Deck

  1. I have been having a play with this app and think it could be a really useful plenary and summarising tool.
    It is so easy and quick to use! Great for revision, but also it will really help (hopefully) students to think about the sequence and order of their work. For example, I am already thinking that I could use it when studying a novel so that students can create PEE style paragraphs on a slide, either as we go along or in summary – the synonyms link will really help them as instead of repeatedly writing,’Link is lonely,’ they will be able to develop their vocabulary and therefore understanding more!
    A good way of separating revision out too and much easier to share these than have to photocopy huge booklets!

  2. Thanks for sharing this – I agree that the speed of use is one of the strong points of this app. Please also share your experiences once you have tried out your ideas with the students.


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