Knowing where to start with blogging in the classroom can be daunting. Here are a few articles to get you thinking about why and how you can use blogs with your students to engage them in their learning. Probably the most powerful aspect of using blogs in the classroom that I’ve found is that students are writing publicly and it isn’t just me who will read their work. Other students, staff and parents can be encouraged to read and leave comments. There are many other ways in which blogging can transform learning for students.

This article from Midshift explains why our students should blog.

This article is about the dos and don’ts of blogging based on a teacher’s own experiences.

Although this article is from an American perspective, it offers lots of good advice and there are some excellent comments with further links at the end of the article.

Finally, in this video, Chris Waugh gives a great explanation of how and why he has used blogging with his students in English lessons.


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