My Year 9s have been taking photographs of the school as part of their ‘History of Abbot Beyne’ project. I wanted to put them in an easy place for them to find and use. The problem was that there are a lot of images. I considered moodle (too fiddly at the moment), looked at Pinterest (as its advantages but again, takes time to upload and is probably much more (in the way of functionality) than I need. Then I remembered a web app called Dropmocks, which simply allows you to drag and drop a bunch of photos into your browser. You then copy the web address that it creates in the address bar and give that to anyone you want to share the images with. I’ve used this in the past with historical source images. This week I’ll be sharing the link with my Year 9s – it is one simple link – they can access it from the iPads, scroll through the images and find the ones they want to use for their presentations. They can then tap the image and save it to their iPad before dropping it into a presentation app such as Keynote or Prezi.

You can see the set of images I have set up for them to use here. (They are a mix of the photos they took along with older images I found to do with the school.) This is another great way to focus students’ research when using the iPads without them getting lost or distracted by simply googling something.

Evershed 1957

(The building at the bottom of the picture was the school rifle range!)

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