I sat in on an excellent LTC meeting this week and Katy kindly volunteered to explain some of the fantastic work she has been doing:

Using the focus from our LTC which was differentiation, I decided to try Exit Cards with my KS3 classes. These involve creating a personalised card for each student that has a question on it related to the learning objectives for that lesson. It is a question that they should be able to answer by the end of the lesson based on their target level. Each target level has a different colour and the students have to write their answer and post it in the box before they leave the lesson. After the lesson I check the cards and mark the answers to see whether they have understood the things they need to from the lesson. The card is then stuck in their book with the feedback on it.

 I hope to develop this eventually with the students being able to set their own exit card questions for themselves and other students in the group. The method has worked well with my mixed ability Year 8 and 9’s.

Exit Card1

Exit Card2

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