This article is to pull together a list of links to further articles which are all about apps and how they can be used in education. Just from the size of the list below, you can see there is a huge amount ‘out there’ on the web and thousands of teachers who are using iPads in their lessons and sharing the experiences on the web. I can’t vouch for the quality of all the apps in the links although there are some fantastic apps in there that I have used (and I’m sure there are many more that I haven’t). Some of course are ‘paid for’ apps, others are free.

If iPads are new to you, you might want to steer clear of this list to begin with in case you feel a little overwhelmed. It might be better to spend some time finding your way around the apps already on your device and the device itself.

Apps for teachers (Lots of good apps here used effectively within many schools)

Apps for Maths

apps for PE

48 apps for geography

40 iPad apps for MFL

40 iPad apps for science

Apps for drama

Apps for music in education

15 apps for drawing/painting

Edudemic – 10 popular tools and apps for the iPad

The following list of apps has been complied by an American teacher (hence the year grades along the top) but still gives a good overview: (too view a larger version, click on the ‘slideshare’ icon in the bottom left of the window)

High School iPad apps (another American site but lists well over a hundred apps for subjects and general use.)

13 apps for creative teachers and students

The above list only really scratches the surface and is a starting point for those who want to do some further research and trialling with their iPads. Contact me if you are after examples of anything specific.

If you discover an app that works really well in your lesson, please share it with me.

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