I had to share this fantastic idea for a display from Abbey’s classroom. Every KS3 student has designed an ‘avatar’ for the display. The board lays out the assessment ladder criteria and Abbey (or the students!) reposition the avatars as the students make progress during the course of a unit of work. This display works well in so many ways

Рthe interactive element (as seen in a number of  classrooms last year here, here, here and here)

– the visualising of progress over time

– it makes the assessment ladders much easier for us to use as teachers

– competition – it will add an element of competitiveness amongst the students and also allow younger students to see what the older students are achieving.

The secret ingredient? Abbey found some ‘magic’ red felt that you can attach and re-attach any paper to.

The display is in E13 if you want a closer look

Maths display 2

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