Padlet.com is similar to lino.it that I have written about on a previous occasion. One drawback with lino.it that I have discovered recently is that it doesn’t work properly on the school PCs because of internet explorer.

Padlet has a nice user interface and is straightforward for individuals to set up. My Year 8s used it to firstly brainstorm their initial questions in response to a couple of visual sources. They viewed the sources (posted in our Edmodo group) on the iPads then all had access to the padlet virtual wall (link again posted in Edmodo) to post their questions.

I posted the ‘wall’ on the projector screen so it updated in real time and I could follow up questions with individual students or groups. I found the range and quality of questions asked was really good as everyone had to participate and everyone could see what was being asked.  You can see an example here:


They then split into groups with each group creating their own padlet wall (this was easier to do than in lino.it). They allocated themselves roles and different areas to research for the main task – set themselves questions, posted the topics and questions on the wall then answered their own (and each other’s questions) by posting to their wall. Each group’s wall became a collaborative research board from which the group will construct their presentations next lesson. Homework was to finish their research boards which wasn’t a problem as the students could continue to add, edit and improve each others work outside of the lesson (as long as they had an internet connection).

The class preferred Padlet to Lino.it – they felt it was easier and more customisable (you can choose the background image).


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