Many thanks to Karen for sharing this activity from her A-level lesson:
‘We read different articles on why witch hunting happened in the 16th and 17th centuries.
I had a large circle with the words ‘witch hunts’ on and six smaller circles with different factors on (women, power, reformation, printing press etc). Students had to place the factors on the circle in the place they thought was more important. As they placed the circles down they shared their ideas about why they had placed it there. This caused a lot of discussion and the circles kept moving. We later added another factor circle as they felt that was important. We have put the circles and display and will refer back to it in later lessons, as I introduce new factors. I set up the activity but the discussions about importance kept going uninterrupted by me for 15 minutes. All students were engaged and were able to challenge ideas of others as well as supporting their argument.’

circles 5

One thought on “Discussion circles

  1. This is such a simple idea and something a teacher might have done on the board. Having it as a paper version, that students can physically move and then talk puts the onus on the students to lead and shape the discussion – fabulous

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