You may have had your first encounter with QR codes on our inset day, or you may have been using them for a while already. What is now different is that we have the hardware (iPads) to make full use of them in the lesson.

The first step is to create your codes. You can use this site to create them very easily. You need to scroll down to get to the following screen:

Qr code1

Then select the kind of link you want to create (e.g. website, plain text – ‘free formatted text’):

QR code 2

When done, click ‘generate code and then save the final image (right click and save). This can then be printed, shrunk, enlarged, embedded or anything else you want to use it for.

Students can then use the QRafter app on the iPads to access the codes.

Now that you can create QR codes, you might be looking for inspiration on how to use them in your classroom. This link has hundreds of further links and ideas all about using QR codes in lessons. If you try any of these, please share your experiences here.

AB QR code

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