Jo has passed me this excellent account of how she has been developing literacy within her art lessons. The temporary gallery is also a great idea and look forward to seeing it.

With a focus on literacy in the classroom, I wanted to create a ‘real life’ situation to give students a bit more purpose to their discussions. 

Students were paired and had the choice to be the Artist or Curator, where the Artist would creates sales pitch to get their work exhibited in an exhibition.  We discussed type of language that would be suitable prior to the activity.  I also trialled this as a larger group activity where there was a panel of Curators and students ‘bounced’ their reasons around the group to the Curators.

 This is something I am I trialling but I am also considering creating a temporary gallery space in my classroom where the work will then be displayed for a short period of time once it has been selected by the Curators.

Screenshot 2013-10-16 21.05.51

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