Jo has written the following article on her use of writing cards in Art. The whole process looks really effective and can be applied to other subjects easily.

‘For my Year 10 coursework I wanted students to have a choice about what artists they looked at instead of us all doing the same.  However I didn’t want to just send them to find artists on the internet.

 I devised a series of artist cards with a few of their images on the front and guidance on the back to support their understanding of the artists style of work.  Each table had a set of cards which they were able to write their answers on the back.

 They then had time to feedback to the class about the artists card they were looking at.

The cards were successful as students got to find out about lots of artists in a short period of time. 

The cards also supported students artist analysis moving them away from just saying they don’t like it, or its boring.

They were then given a blank sheet to fill in relating to the artist they chose and this would be the basis for the written work to go on their artist research page.’

Screenshot 2013-12-08 10.39.30

Screenshot 2013-12-08 10.39.16

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