You’ve probably heard me championing the use of stickers in marking and assessment. I use them in a range of ways such as  setting objectives (and reflecting on them), reinforcing key terms and focussing on key questions.

This is the  template I use for printing my own labels:

labels template  (I have left an example of a target sheet I print otherwise it would just look like a blank page to you – just edit one box and then copy to the rest of the sheet. Blank label sheets are available from the office)

Here are a couple of other examples i have found of them being used in the classroom:

maths plasters (although could be applied to any subject)

‘I likes’ and targets – see Speed Tip 2 in this article on cutting down your marking time (well worth reading the whole article while you are there)

Screenshot 2014-02-23 12.00.15

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