The following is taken from the end of 2013/14 LTC review of good practice:

‘Peer assessment has been the main focus, seeing a good improvement in the use of green pens but with an integration of a red pen into ‘TUT’ there has been a massive improvement in the quality of comments given during peer assessment.

Allowing quality time and consistent use of ‘TUT’ students are giving feedback as the teacher would give. Students also have clear criteria that they are marking against so that the quality is consistent. The example given is from books where students were giving clear subject specific comments.’





Socrative and Feedback

‘After using a question in Socrative as part of one lesson the answers have then been collected and put into a new spreadsheet with a WWW/EBI in the right hand column.

This is then given to students who then give feedback alongside the answers so that students know how to improve.’

soc drama



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