Book Creator is an app with huge potential for enhancing learning in (and outside) the classroom.

5 ways in which I have used Book Creator successfully:

  1. Creating a template for a lesson activity (a digital worksheet) and sending it to students via Showbie to complete or adapt.
  2. The ability to add speech – students can add explanations to their work – this makes their work more interactive when published as an e-book.
  3. The comic feature – I love this – it has huge potential for story telling – we have just used it to set a homework project in SoS. Students were asked to tell us about their half-term in the form of a comic. they had to include photographs, captions, speech bubbles and thought bubbles.
  4. Collecting research – a book can be used as a simple way of collecting information when researching for a task. The ability to add links and images means that it can be a big improvement on making notes.
  5. The feature where you can embed video means that not only can students video themselves and embed it, they can also take advantage of other apps that create video – iMovie, Green Screen, Stop Motion and Explain Everything for example. These apps all produce video which can then be embedded into book creator.

Book Creator

If you are interested in reading more about how Book Creator is used in classrooms around the world then take a look at their blog or follow them on Twitter where there are hundred of examples of good practice tweeted and retweeted.

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