Anna has written the following about how she is planning to use some of the approaches of High Tech High. Following the link may give you some ideas for developing the curriculum within your own subject.

High tech high in the USA have adopted an alternative approach to how they deliver their curriculum and base their assessment around key projects. They believe it maximises time and allows for combination of units/subjects.
The website shows you the projects that they have done and the success of them. Many have incorporated creativity alongside STEM but I was introduced to the idea as a way of possibly integrating multiple BTEC unit assessments within one large project.
For example; in health and social care, where students complete a unit on Rights and Values (Personlised Care), why could it not be delivered alongside the unit on Healthy Eating and structure the assessment so that the students develop a healthy living campaign for a specific setting? This could incorporate balanced diet as well as including the requirements of a setting to provide for individual lifestyle choices and religions.There are various combinations that are possible. It is an idea that cannot be created overnight but something that I personally would like to explore and possibly bring into play in the future.
Outside of the’ BTEC bubble’, the projects High Tech High share on their website are possible Deep Learning Day ideas and useful cross curricular projects.

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