We are now three meetings into our participation in the SSAT national research project on embedding formative assessment. Jo has written about what her group have been trialling and reflecting on as part of this. I would encourage everyone taking part to share their experiences (successes and failures) either directly with me or through their LTC Co-ordinator – it would be really valuable for all of us.

Exit Tickets

Lyndsey produced an Exit Ticket card to assess the learning of her students at the end of the lesson. She was able to collect information about the learning of every student asking ‘What have you learnt today’ and a further more specific question ‘What more do you think you need to help you succeed with speech writing’.   Now that the template Exit Ticket has been created she will be able to use and adapt the questions making it appropriate for other lessons.


Screenshot 2016-01-14 16.40.39





Zoe used the Exit Ticket available on Socrative, she asked the students three questions. Socrative produces the first two questions as part of the exit ticket option and the first question, How well did you understand todays material? Was a multiple choice answer and easily shows who did and didn’t understand the work. The third question for the students is a specific teacher question that Zoe added to assess the learning against her objective. Socrative then produces and sends a report of the responses for the teachers records.

Screenshot 2016-01-14 16.33.33


Stuart uploaded a photograph onto Showbie and all students had to label the equipment and add notes about techniques. By doing this through Showbie he can easily see when every student adds their response. He also used Learning Partners where students supported each other to improve their use of the Coping Saw. After learning the coping saw dance students then watched their partner complete the task. To show their understanding they had to correct and improve their partners use of the tools.


Reflection Sheets

I used the Relfection sheets provided in the 2nd LTC workshop to assess what the students had learnt In an Art lesson where there were lots of different media and techniques being used, what had made them think and the final questions allows the students to reflect on the teaching. This proved to be really useful and allowed me to start my next lesson clarifying and adding things that had been suggested on the reflection sheets. These are something I would use again especially if the piece of work takes more than one lesson.

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