Creativity can sometimes get lost in the lesson planning process. We directly plan for it in SOS lessons but what about other subjects and as our students move up the school? It cannot be denied though that creativity has a place in every subject. Education Scotland defined four key areas of creativity (in its report on creative learning) as:


Open mindedness


Problem solving

Who wouldn’t want their students to possess these qualities?

This short video is a great demonstration of the importance of giving students time to be creative:


This article suggests methods of bringing more creativity into the classroom. Giving the students choice in how they complete work is something i’ve found works really well when using the iPads.

In SoS we have a framework which we use to develop the creativity of our students. It might be useful when planning for creativity in your lessons or when it comes to reporting on creativity as part of the TRICs.

Creativity ladder.001

Download a pdf version of the sheet here: creativity ladder

Why develop creativity? A 2010 survey found that CEOs value creativity amongst their employees ahead of any other skill. Some companies are moving away from employing graduates only to bring a broader range of skllls into their companies.


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