The Google Cultural Institute is an amazing resource for teachers and students. It is an online curation of exhibits and collections from around the world from.

As we take advantage of mobile technology in our school (in particular Years 7 and 8), it becomes increasingly important that we provide the right structure to extend their learning both in and beyond the classroom. It isn’t good enough to set a homework of ‘research X, Y or Z’. There are enough excellent resources and websites out there for us to collate and give a structure for students’ research through providing links. Posting these links online in Showbie or iTunesU for example doesn’t mean that the students aren’t doing the ‘hard work’ it simply means that they can access the task more quickly. Research should not be the end but a means to an end (or specific task). This is where sites such as the Google Cultural Institute can be so useful. Teachers can create and collate their own collections (thus narrowing the focus for the students), then share these with students.

A full and detailed guide to using the Google Cultural Institute can be found here.

There are a host of other methods of collating online information for students such Pinterest or though iTunesU.



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