Anna has been trialling entrance tickets for her KS3 groups:

Following on from LTC idea of entrance tickets, I have made them a key part of my KS3 lessons.

Beginning every lesson by handing out an entrance ticket, I have been able to get literacy into the lesson straight away. My entrance tickets have 2 sections:
Section 1 is a question on content from last lesson, label a diagram, identify features, describe a picture, link up.
Section 2 is vocabulary/keywords, jumbled up keywords or definition questions. 
From these entrance tickets I find they lead to good questioning, linking what we did last lesson and the lesson I am doing. I make sure we mark them and the students fill in blanks/make corrections in green so I can see maybe where they have not grasped an idea or words that I need to add to next spelling test etc.
IMG_0664 IMG_0666 IMG_0669

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