Matt has been trialling new methods of marking following the 4th LTC meeting and has shared his reflections below. We probably have over 40 teachers trialling new marking techniques over the last month. It will be great to share more of those reflections in the newsletter too.

For the LTC workshop on ‘Marking’ I chose to trial the +,=,- marking technique. I decided to use this with my Year 13 in order to get them to reflect and compare the differences between their recent essays which they had completed for h/w and the essay they had completed during their mock assessment. So I began by giving them a rating of either: + (Improvement) ,= (Same Standard) or – (Worse) and they had to work out and state why they had been given their particular rating before I gave them my own actual detailed feedback.


It had some limited impact in terms of getting the students to really compare what was good and bad about their different essays. However, I feel I need to embed this over a period of time before I will a more tangible gain as they need to be specific when analysing their own essays. I will do this by modelling what I expect the focus to be on and by getting them to trial doing through both self and peer assessment.


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