Another fantastic range of reflections from Jo’s group below:

Our LTC discussions are showing how we are adapting the tried techniques for our subjects and the sharing of ideas has become really useful to help talk through how we can put these into practice. I can see that strategies we are putting into practice are becoming part of our classroom habit as we continue to refer back to and reflect upon what we have previously done. In particular Anna continues to use Exit tickets as an effective AFL technique that is being embedded in her practice. This month looking at ‘techniques that make students think’ allowed us to consider different methods of marking and providing feedback.

Both Lindsey and Linda tried out ‘Margin marking’. Linda uses a coded EBI chart that relates to the symbols in her marking. Students are responsible for correcting their own work and she has found that this is becoming an effective habit amongst her students and it is really making the students question the error.

MFL Marking symbols

Lindsey has also been using this technique and has found that students are not just correcting mistakes they are questioning their work because they have to find the mistake on their work, they are then understanding what they have done wrong.   Both examples give the student responsibility and make them think about their work.

Lindseys margin marking

Both myself and Anna tried ‘matching comment marking’ I gave all work a TUT comment and then cut these up, as bell work students had to match the comments to the drawing.   We then checked that work had the correct comment against the master copy and at least half were correctly placed. I found that students had to understand and question the comments in order to decide which piece of work it was about. They also had to recognise minor differences in work which made them reflect on the drawings in more detail. I did however find that not all students were actively involved and would adapt this by handing each student a comment when they entered the room or separating work into a few groups.

Jo's Match marking comments


Jo's match marking

Anna has produced a table to support students with their EBI’s by showing what level the EBI relates to, these are also linked to the success criteria of the lesson which is shown in support material given to them on boards and sheets. Students need to consider their own work and reflect upon what they need to do in order to meet each level, providing students with tick lists and guides to promote ownership of their learning.

Anna's chart

Anna's criteria


Anna's boards


Anna's boards (2)


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