Jo’s group has again shared a wide range of reflections – this time on hinge questions:

LTC 3 -Our reflections on Hinge questions…

After trying out Hinge questions in our lessons we have reflected on these with a WWW & EBI.


WWW: Students were able to comment on why they felt the answer they gave was correct but also what mistakes had been made to make the other answers incorrect.

EBI: Find a strategy to ensure that all students are involved in the activity and therefore contribute to the discussion.

maths hinge

Linda – Pupils were given 5 multiple choice questions In Maths.

WWW: It instantly gave feedback which allowed some to move on to next task and others to recap the learning. Some pupils who got all correct answers were used to explain to others around the classroom.

Lindsey – Hinge question using the AFL cards

WWW: It was a way to check the understanding of all students and identify any gaps in knowledge. Students then selected their next activity based on these gaps.

EBI – It is not always easy to ensure that students do not ‘cheat’ and look at others answers.


Jo – Hinge questions used whilst introducing a new pencil crayon blending skill.

WWW: Students responded on post it notes that went onto a table so it was easy to identify who had correct answers. Students didn’t have as much opportunity to look at others answers

EBI – Were the answers to obvious and were made to clear in my teaching and resources. Most students knew the correct answer as to why they were doing parts of the technique but it didn’t mean they can practically apply the skill.

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3


Anna – Pupils used the A/B/C/D cards from the AFL box to respond to Hinge Question.

WWW: Good way of quickly assessing where students are at to allow me to know what direction the lesson needs to go in.

EBI: Some pupils didn’t get involved/were shy to give a response in case they were wrong. Also I found some were just guessing at responses.

Dotty – Maths Diagnostic questions.

WWW – A very quick assessment to move class on. Also helped pupils to choose what task to they needed to complete depending on their answer to Hinge question. Differentiated the task for students.

EBI – Being a whiteboard activity it was difficult to determine whether their answers were truly theirs or if they had copied from other boards.

Stuart – After teaching What are the principles of…, answers were recorded on work and recapped with multiple choice answer cards.

WWW – Gave a quick assessment of group understanding.

EBI – To include more complex answers.

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