Laura has reflected on how she has used success criteria in English lessons and how Kirsty has used peer assessment for homework:
Below is a completed version of the success criteria grid used with lower set year 11. When they are completing extended pieces of writing and assessments I get students to use it so that they can accurately self asses their own work. They can clearly see what is expect of them and how they can achieve those expectations. I have also noticed that they struggle to be independent, so as well as a success criteria I have given advice on what they should do if they are struggling. I found that this worked really well and the students were able to independently identify areas of strengths and weaknesses within their own writing. They could also offer each other more advice with the support of the success criteria and they said that it made them more confident in their own writing.
img_0202 img_0203
Kirsty has been using red, amber, green stations for peer assessing homework. When students come in to the room they all put their homework on one table. Kirsty then puts up on the board a success criteria for each station. Students will then place each other’s homework on the red, amber and green station using the success criteria. If their homework is on the red station then they have to complete it again because it does not meet the required standard/criteria. Amber table students have to make adjustments and those that have their homework on the green table receive house points.
I observed Kirsty carry out this activity and it worked really well. I want to try it with my key stage 4 classes. However, as Kirsty pointed out, it relies heavily on students completing their homework and works better with a smaller group as they can discuss in detail why they are making their decisions.

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